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Principles of the Ultimate Business Diva
Mastering the 6 areas of self to bring out the Ultimate Business Diva in you
You have read books on leadership, diversity, management, creativity and innovation, decision making, and maybe even corporate strategy… but you have never read a book like this.
Principles of the “Ultimate Business Diva" will help you to master your greatest asset…YOU. Mastering the areas of, Self-image, Self-control, Self-confidence, Self-respect, Self-love and Self-discipline, will increase your corporate value. You will figure out what your current “corporate brand” is, and learn strategies and techniques to maximize the fabulous and eliminate the nocuous.  It is a tool designed to help you get what you deserve in the business/corporate world. Your image, attitude, lack of discipline and self-control, low self-esteem, and or lack of confidence can ultimately affect your paycheck. Principles of the Ultimate Business Diva will assist you in understanding those crucial areas of “Self”, thus maximizing your full Ultimate Business Diva-potential.
Don't let your emotions cost you a promotion!!!
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